K-Squared Gymnastics is dedicated to stimulating, non-competitive coaching of gymnastics in a safe, inclusive and encouraging learning environment. We will give children opportunities to acquire new skills, explore, and work together and positively impact their confidence, personal development, and healthy lifestyle.

Our mission


Challenge your body:
We believe gymnastics is a fun way to stay healthy and fit. Gymnasts will explore what their body is capable of while learning new skills at their own pace. Let’s spin, swing, and roll together!
Excitement in each lesson:
Our asset is our creativity and variety. Our weekly themed classes are tailored to age and ability to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance in a playful way. Our development plans are designed to keep gymnasts active and engaged throughout each lesson. Boredom is impossible - no class is the same!
Grow as a person:

Our understanding and encouraging coaching approach values personal effort and achievement. It allows for individuals to work to their full potential and to build confidence. We include pair- and team-work for gymnasts to find solutions together. Be proud of what you achieve!

Demonstrate new skills:
Gymnasts will have the chance to individually test their skills in internal competitions and to perform together in group displays. A round of applause!